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What is a nickname?

A nickname is a familiar or humorous name given to a person or thing instead of or as well as the real name.

Late Middle English: from an eke-name (eke meaning 'addition'), misinterpreted, by wrong division, as a neke name.

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Unix system console

Most probably, the occurrence of the first nicknames on the Internet can be linked with the occurrence of the first Unix systems where a nickname (user name, login) was necessary for signing into the system.

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Nowadays, your Internet nickname is as important as your real name and surname. Besides, your nickname can be more unique than your full name (how many namesakes do you have amongst your acquaintances?).

Nickname represents the user on the network, and it can reflect the user’s nature, aspirations, character or interests.

Nickname is not only a way to identify yourself among other network users, but also the beginning of your e-mail address, e.g.,, login or nickname on a forum, in a chat room, online game, or any other service that requires introducing yourself.

In a real life, when asked for identification, you need to give your full name, passport number, driver’s license number, registration address or other information; online, in most cases, you only need your nickname and password.

How to come up with a nickname?

You need to choose your future nickname carefully, because you might need to use this combination of letters, or even numbers and other symbols, very often.

In most cases, you will be recognized only by your nickname, and it might also be the first impression people have about you. Keep this in mind when choosing your nickname.

If you are having difficulties choosing a nickname, be sure to use our nickname generator.

Register your nickname

Please, register your nickname in our Nickname Internet Registry to claim the rights to it and notify other network users that you have started to use this nickname first and on more network resources. Also, do not forget to get your own business page with your nickname certificate. Learn more about our project.