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Terms of use

  1. By using this site, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the Terms of Use of this Project.
  2. General Terms and Definitions:

    1. Nickname is the User's alias on the Internet. It is used to identify the User on different network resources and services.
    2. Nickname certificate — is a personal user page with a computer-generated image consisting of text and/or images entered by the User (site visitor). Nickname certificate can later on be placed on third-party websites, social media pages, blogs, forums, etc.
    3. The certificate is valid for 3 years. From then on the user can renew it (automatically upon login) for 3 more years (5 years for diamond certificates) unlimited number of times.
    4. The site is created and operated to register, search, select and contest rights in the framework of the project. Additionally, it is a service for creating personal pages (online business cards of users) with detailed information about the User’s nickname, avatar, and links to third-party user accounts.
    5. All effective Nickname certificate registration services presented on the site are free to all Users.
    6. Currently issued Nickname certificates are not legally binding and are not considered legitimate legal documents.
    7. All data received from users is confidential and shall not be transferred to third parties, except as required by applicable law.
    8. Order and compliance with these Terms of Use is assured by the Administration. In each specific situation, the fact of violation of the Terms of Use and the corrective action is determined by the administration in its sole discretion.
  3. Users are prohibited from:

    1. All kinds of spam and unsolicited advertising.
    2. Publishing offensive, harmful and illegal content, as well as links to such content (pornography, incitement to suicide, drug propaganda).
    3. Use of rude and obscene expressions, slander.
    4. Appeals and actions that would violate the applicable law.
    5. Engaging in any view faking activities and other fraudulent actions to influence the view count, ranking and certificate level, as well as hiding the certificate in any way or reducing its size to less than 128x79 pixels when placing it on third-party resources.
    6. Mass registration (more than 3 nicknames and more than one account per user).
    7. Registering someone else’s nickname, for self-interested aims.
    8. Transferring or selling Nickname certificates to other users.
    9. Supplying false information.
  4. The Administration has the right to:

    1. Remove, edit, or transfer Nickname certificate to another owner without disclosing the reason.
    2. Notify the users via e-mail or other means of communication, specified during registration, about any Project news, including the current state of the user’s certificate and his or her Applications.
    3. Request information regarding the methods of obtaining suspicious certificate views. Reset such views if the User refuses to provide the requested information or provides false information.
    4. Block view counter indefinitely in case of violation of the Terms of Use.
    5. Block access to the site to a user or a group of users based on their IP address or otherwise.
    6. Make changes to the Terms of Use.
  5. The User has the right to:

    1. Register their nickname in order to receive Nickname certificate and NFT for it, as well as create a personal nickname page.
    2. Provide accurate information, graphics, and links to their third-party accounts (technical integration with which is provided by the service) on the certificate and on the personalized page.
    3. Place their own Nickname certificate, nickname verification, and other site content on third-party Internet resources in order to notify other network users about their registered Nickname certificate and to improve its level.
    4. Contest the rights to the nickname by submitting an Application to change the ownership of the nickname (if the nickname they want to claim is already used by another user within the framework of the service).
    5. Use all the functionality provided by the project and presented on the site: nickname generators, NFT minting for a nickname, ranking (TOP 300), analytics etc.
    6. Copy and distribute site content with an active backlink to the Project site.
    7. Join and subscribe to official project groups and accounts in the network to communicate with other users and the administration of the project.