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How to come up with a nickname

A nickname is a second name you need for computer games and social networks. Bloggers, writers, and musicians may also need a nickname. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right nickname:

  • The easiest way is to base your nickname on your real first and last names. Abbreviate them, come up with a play on words, think of a famous character with a similar name.
  • For what purpose are you creating your account? If you're looking for a name for your channel or blog, associate the name with your content. It could be video games, cooking, travel, work.
  • Choose a simple but original nickname that is easy to read and remember, don't get carried away with embellishments.
  • Check the length of the nickname and the number of words it contains. Names with different lengths are suitable for different purposes.
  • Don't chase after fashion: choose a nickname that won't lose its relevance in a few years.
  • Write your nickname in Latin characters or in your own local alphabet, depending on who you are going to communicate with – English-speaking users, your compatriots, or foreigners.

Nickname Generator

Compilations of popular nicknames:


Your gaming name must be original and reflect your preferences. You can base your nickname on the name of a character, weapon, or place from your favorite game. If you are planning to participate in eSports events, choose your nickname carefully. Keep it simple to increase your chances of being remembered.

For Steam

for Steam


For games and gamers

for games and gamers


For Minecraft

for Minecraft


For players in Standoff 2

for players in Standoff 2



for SAMP


For CS (Counter-Strike)

for CS (Counter-Strike)



for PUBG


For Cybersport

for Cybersport


For Faceit

for Faceit



for GTA


For Fortnite

for Fortnite


For osu!

for osu!


For Rust

for Rust


For League of Legends

for League of Legends


For Dota

for Dota


For Garry’s Mod

for Garry’s Mod


For Rainbow Six Siege

for Rainbow Six Siege


For players in Roblox

for players in Roblox


For S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.


For WoT

for WoT


For Brawl Stars

for Brawl Stars


For Origin

for Origin


For Overwatch

for Overwatch



for CRMP


For players in MMORPG

for players in MMORPG


For Warface players

for Warface players


For Warcraft

for Warcraft


For players in MTA

for players in MTA


If you're registering on social networking sites, feel free to use your real first and last name as the basis of your nickname. Is it important for you to emphasize what you do? Then add your hobbies and occupation to your name. If you're going to run a blog dedicated to a particular topic, be sure to reflect that in your account name.

For YouTube

for YouTube


For VK

for VK


For Discord

for Discord


For Twitch

for Twitch


For Instagram blogers

for Instagram blogers


For Telegram

for Telegram


For Tik Tok

for Tik Tok


For Twitter

for Twitter


For social media

for social media


For Facebook

for Facebook


For Google

for Google


For Skype

for Skype


Art and creativity

Do you love music, literature, or photography? Don't forget to reflect that in your nickname. Choose your nickname very carefully, and don't chase after trends. Look for inspiration in the names of your favorite writers, musicians, designers, books, and bands. Choose a name that suits your style and is easy to remember.

For music fans

for music fans


For anime lovers

for anime lovers


For art

for art


For rappers

for rappers


For designers

for designers


For DJs

for DJs


For fanfiction

for fanfiction


For writers

for writers


For rockers

for rockers


For manga lovers

for manga lovers


For beatmaker

for beatmaker


For photographers

for photographers


For fans of fantasy

for fans of fantasy


For K-pop lovers

for K-pop lovers


For painters

for painters


For HandMade

for HandMade


Technology and IT

Are you an information systems and technology expert who has decided to come up with a great nickname? Link your nickname to your profession. You can also use some of the slang words you and your co-workers commonly use. An interesting option is to imagine you're writing code, but that code is your new name.

For programmers

for programmers


For IT

for IT


For developers

for developers


For Python developers

for Python developers


For Linux

for Linux


For Java developers

for Java developers


For GameDev

for GameDev


For admins

for admins


For Hackers

for Hackers


For PHP programmers

for PHP programmers


For 3D modeler

for 3D modeler


For Windows

for Windows


Sports and active lifestyle

If you’re into sports and you love to travel, reflect this in the nickname you want to use on social networks, computer games, forums, and chats. You can associate your nickname with your favorite sport or use the name of your favorite team. If you run a blog where you talk about your travels, add toponyms (place names) to the name of the channel, or clearly indicate a topic that makes it easy to find you.

For athletes

for athletes


For football players

for football players


For basketball players

for basketball players


For travellers

for travellers


For dancers

for dancers


For chess players

for chess players


For hunters

for hunters


For fishermans

for fishermans


Web and content

To communicate on social networks, chat rooms, forums, and to play computer games, you need a suitable nickname. Before choosing a nickname, you must first understand where you will use it. If it's for fun among friends, feel free to play with words and meanings, but if it's to promote your project, try to reflect your content in your account name.

For streamers

for streamers


For WEB (Internet)

for WEB (Internet)


For email

for email


For blog

for blog


For LetsPlay

for LetsPlay


For memes lovers

for memes lovers


For forum

for forum


For channel

for channel


World, countries, cities

Associated with Russia

associated with Russia


Associated with Turkey

associated with Turkey


Associated with Ukraine

associated with Ukraine


Associated with Japan

associated with Japan


Associated with Germany

associated with Germany


Associated with Kazakhstan

associated with Kazakhstan


Associated with Belarus

associated with Belarus


Associated with Poland

associated with Poland


Associated with Brazil

associated with Brazil


Associated with Portugal

associated with Portugal


Associated with Azerbaijan

associated with Azerbaijan


Associated with USA

associated with USA


Associated with Korea

associated with Korea


Associated with Uzbekistan

associated with Uzbekistan


Real life

For girls

for girls


For boys

for boys


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