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Changelog and news

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v.1.1.0 (07.09.2023) NFT for nickname: generator of unique images for NFT, gas commission payment and minting.

v.1.0.6 (06.27.2023) Bug fixes and many UI/UX tweaks.

v.1.0.5 (01.11.2023) Integration with TikTok and Trovo for linking social media accounts and services.

v.1.0.4 (05.03.2022) New template for emails and mailing lists.

v.1.0.3 (02.13.2022) Automatic swear words filter.

v.1.0.2 (08.28.2021) Automatic translation of the nickname information into English for the English version of the website and the certificate.

v.1.0.1 (06.17.2021) Integration with social networks and services has been completely refactored, a number of new services have been added.

v.1.0.0 (04.27.2021) Major update: moving to a new domain:, updating the site engine and infrastructure, new Legendary certificate (from 100,000 views), short certificate URLs and other improvements.

v.0.24.3 (07.05.2020) Two additional rankings in TOP 300: "World, countries and cities" and "Flora and Fauna".

v.0.24.2 (05.20.2020) Email confirmation added.

v.0.24.1 (04.15.2020) Mobile App update: displaying the number of views, certificate attaching by nickname and other improvements.

v.0.24 (04.01.2020) We released mobile apps for Android and iOS:

Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store.

Track nickname statistics and collect certificate views on your mobile device.

v.0.23.2 (02.26.2020) Added two additional rankings in TOP 300.

v.0.23.1 (11.22.2019) Added online/offline user status on the nickname page.

v.0.23 (09.13.2019) Added additional rankings to TOP 300.

v.0.22.3 (08.14.2019) TOP 300 raiting design updated.

v.0.22.2 (07.12.2019) Data has been updated in the "Nickname Analytics and Statistics Research" section. Hashtags are now available for all types of certificates.

v.0.22.1 (07.10.2019) Added section "Compilations of nicknames". Significantly improved hashtag pages.

v.0.22 (11.24.2018) Nickname hashtags feature added.

v.0.20 (10.20.2016) Website moved to HTTPS.

v.0.19.1 (06.13.2016) Accounting user referrals in the formula.

v.0.19 (09.14.2015) Added english localization.

v.0.18.7 (07.28.2015) Data has been updated in the Nickname Analytics and Statistics Research section. Also, several new metrics have been added: "Number of words in the nickname" and "Letter case".