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Nickname NFTs

You can create and issue an NFT token for your nickname. This is a crypto asset that will be stored on the blockchain and sent to your crypto wallet.

A Nickname NFT (non-fungible token) is a record in the Ethereum blockchain containing a link to the nickname's NFT certificate and the nickname itself.

Nickname NFTs are used to confirm ownership of nicknames on the blockchain and demonstrate their uniqueness.

The unique image ? of the Nickname NFT Certificate will also be displayed on your Nickname page as an additional certificate. Additionally, the nickname becomes permanent.

Once you have registered your nickname, you can start issuing a nickname NFT.

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Examples of created Nickname NFTs:

Frequently Asked Questions about Nickname NFTs:

Is issuing NFTs free?

We try to keep our service, which has been operating for more than 14 years, free of charge.

However, issuing NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain requires "gas" – this is the commission required for a successful transaction.

At the moment, the cost of NFT minting is 15 USDT (approximately $15).

You can pay for Nickname NFTs with both cryptocurrencies and fiat (credit card).

Our NFTs are minted to the most popular blockchain that supports smart contracts - Ethereum.

All fairly large NFT projects work in this blockchain, since such NFTs are more valuable, trusted, and there is a greater demand for them.

In addition, your NFTs are immediately published on the most popular NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, X2Y2, LooksRare, and Etherscan.

Finally, the NFT issuance fee is a kind of entry ticket that protects against mass registrations of nicknames, including issuance of NFTs for the purpose of resale (cybersquatting).

What will my NFT image look like?

We have made a unique image generator that generates random combinations of different shapes, gradients and curves.

Examples of NFT nicknames Examples of NFT nicknames Examples of NFT nicknames Examples of NFT nicknames Examples of NFT nicknames Examples of NFT nicknames Examples of NFT nicknames Examples of NFT nicknames Examples of NFT nicknames Examples of NFT nicknames Examples of NFT nicknames Examples of NFT nicknames Examples of NFT nicknames Examples of NFT nicknames Examples of NFT nicknames Examples of NFT nicknames

Above are examples of images that our generator created.

The number of unique variants of generated images reaches ten trillion.

This is 1000 times the number of all people on the planet.

You can use the generator an unlimited number of times until you find an image you like. Finding your NFT is an art!

The Nickname NFT will also display your nickname and its ID.

Where will my NFT be located?

The NFT of your nickname will be located in the most popular blockchain network that supports smart contracts: Ethereum.

The NFT will also be displayed on your nickname page in addition to the nickname certificate and a link to Etherscan.

Who will own the NFT?

Your Nickname NFT will belong to you alone.

After minting, it will immediately be sent to the wallet (ETH address) that you specify when ordering.

How to create a crypto wallet?

You can use any software or hardware wallet that supports the Ethereum blockchain and issue your nickname NFT to it.

If you do not have a crypto wallet yet, below is the procedure for installation and creation of a MetaMask wallet. This is one of the most popular crypto wallets that has both a mobile application and a browser extension.

  1. Go to the MetaMask website,, and download the extension for your browser or install the mobile app on your phone: Official MetaMask website

    Next, we will show the setup option using a browser extension. However creating a wallet in a mobile application is not much different.

  2. After installing the browser extension, select "Create a new wallet" and follow the instructions: Setting MetaMask
  3. Create and save a password to unlock your wallet: MetaMask - creating a password
  4. Write down a 12-word recovery passphrase: MetaMask - recovery phrase

    This is an optional step that you can do later, but we recommend that you take care of the safety of your data right away.

    With this passphrase, you can always recover your crypto assets on any device.
  5. Congrats! Installation of your MetaMask crypto wallet is complete: MetaMask - crypto wallet creation completed
  6. All that's left is to copy the address of your wallet (it starts with the characters "0x"): MetaMask - copy wallet address

    And paste it into the appropriate field when issuing the NFT on our website.
    Or just click the "Connect Wallet" button. In this case, the wallet address will be automatically entered in this field: Pasting an ETH address

Can the NFT image be changed later?

No, after the image has entered the blockchain (been minted), the unique NFT image of your nickname cannot be changed.

Will my NFT be visible on other marketplaces as well as Etherscan?

Yes, your Nickname NFT will be displayed on other NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea, Rarible, and others, as well as on Etherscan.

After the NFT is ready, a link to your token on Etherscan will also be added to your nickname page.

Our collections on popular NFT marketplaces and smart contract on Etherscan:

OpenSea Rarible X2Y2 LooksRare Etherscan

Can I trade my NFT?

After the NFT is ready, it will immediately be sent to your wallet. You become its owner and can dispose of it as you wish.

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