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Nickname statistics analytics and research (2019)

We made a research of all currently registered nicknames in our Global nickname registry to determine average indicators and consistent patterns, and to obtain global statistics of Internet nicknames.

Average Nickname Length

10.38 symbols

Distribution by Gender

Three quarters of nicknames (80%) are registered by men, and 20% are registered by women.

Composition of Nickname Characters

Half of all nicknames consist entirely of Latin alphabet characters (without numbers and special characters). 17% of nicknames contain numbers, 8% of nicknames consist entirely of Cyrillic characters, and 25% of nicknames are a mix of Latin and Cyrillic characters, numbers, and special characters.

Letter case

Nickname distribution by letter case*:

  • 35% of nicknames start with an uppercase letter that is followed by lowercase letters, for example, Nickname.
  • 8% of nicknames are composed entirely of uppercase letters, for example, NICKNAME.
  • 22% of nicknames are composed entirely of lowercase letters, for example, nickname.
  • 35% of users write their nicknames with mixed case letters, for example, NickName.

* Excluding spaces and special characters.

Number of Words in a Nickname

The vast majority of nicknames (70%) consist of one word. 25% of nicknames consist of two words, and only 4% of users have nicknames consisting of three words. No more than 1% of users choose nicknames consisting of four and more words.

Nicknames Beginning with a Latin Letter

Most nicknames composed of Latin alphabet characters begin with the letter S. Then follow the letters D, M, A, K.

Nicknames Beginning with a Cyrillic Letter

The most popular beginning letter for nicknames composed of Cyrillic characters turned out to be the letter К. Then follow the letters М, С, А, Д.

Types of Certificates

Distribution by certificate types: wooden - 66%, silver - 26%, gold - 6.7%, platinum - 1.1% and diamond – less than 0.2%.

In the future, we plan to expand the statistics groups. If you have any ideas regarding other nickname statistics metrics, you can suggest them to be added to the study by contacting us at

* The research data is based on 1 332 049 up-to-date (July 12, 2019) nicknames registered in our project DB.