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About the MyNickname Project

The MyNickname project is a global nickname registry that helps you:

  • Choose a unique nickname that’s right for you, by using our Generator, Nickname Collections, or getting inspired by the ideas of other users.
  • Check if your nickname is free or already being used by someone on the Internet.
  • Register your nickname for free and get the corresponding certificate.
  • Fill in your personal nickname page with your information and links to your social networks.
  • Generate and mint (via blockchain) a unique Nickname NFT.
  • Let others know that you were first to claim your nickname.
  • Improve your nickname’s certificate level and unlock new additional features.
  • Participate in nickname rankings and fight for top place.
  • Challenge the ownership of a certificate if your nickname is already registered.
  • Get acquainted with the current global statistics and analytics on nicknames.
  • Log in to other sites using your certificate.*

* In development.