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Nicknames #дота2


DotA is a custom modification for strategy video game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. The primary goal of the game is for one team to destroy the enemy's fortified stronghold. The user controls the character and a number of creatures. DotA is very popular all over the world.

Registered nicknames дота2

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Ό℣६ЕℝℒỚRჩƊ Zixx BBePx1488 Batlefox | -1° | Канди ёпт TakeMyEnergy.dll uzorami R8 UnReaL Ish4K lolK HaiDecon heaven-sent So4nOFF ~DeadBoy Qwazmi Akuu M1nz1k MAZER Satan1c TETRIS shivas bRESLA cho0py INW33 Alexandr.D.Walker Ingrand CrayZeeAlex Dostoevky Kriozaban Stolniy Mendiar rizemun OldTech Блудень spartanychEZ ubica_loxov Mystery | SkaiRON ElxKoroto Akelzor Link1337 Maksimoff time_apart Muscle4 VACATION no // Papadanec nannyef KouS KaMaToZ_PlaY puyrgen Resistless SkaiRON Super cat pandamin ÓþyrmiR Deadly Rupex WLcome envychu

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  • Average length of nicknames 8.15 symbols.
  • Average age of users 22 years.
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Hashtag is associated with the Games Games category and used in 62 nicknames. Related hashtags: #dota

Certificates of registered nicknames with hashtag #дота2

Certificate for nickname Xpertzone, registered to: Магомед
Certificate for nickname Leonardo_viki, registered to: Душкевич Игорь
Certificate for nickname hurmyonok1998, registered to: Люкшин Павел Олегович
Certificate for nickname нХи, registered to: Сапрыкин Николай Анатольевич
Certificate for nickname Lady CrystaL, registered to: Хабарова Ирина Геннадьевна
Certificate for nickname 2ch, registered to: Нечаев Даниил Михайлович

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