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A blog is a site maintained by a blogger. The content (posts, photos, videos) is updated regularly. Visitors to the blog can leave comments. Blogs are created for many purposes, such as for communication, entertainment, self-presentation, self-development, promotion of goods and services. Topics range from cooking and travel to business and education.

Registered nicknames of bloggers

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katavyi Tomyah lanatamanyuk _McClayn MrShaggyGrey dieslin MatMics Darlic Mr.Yukito QDERI Artas Заметки горожанина AbhijitDebnath WMKrix Makro Lip_Gallagher Хакси кормчий programmarsto Pertichor V DelMun nadejdashpak Sofa Baker Xtremis TulgaLisitsa Berrog Courteous WilsonV D 1 F E K S Veronica Cosmic Ефрейтор Live channel Jefasuka kkulcrekky Jouce Catherine Wilde R1VA UCoMarick V-man ya_nast105 TESCOVERE Prandmar Adam Hell алексвэн BitMixLX kamic Katya_Katya SNAJPER_YT SnowCalmth Etus Eery thepersica ANTKOR sweezeliz Винарлд hemdemnisa IAmKrut Saos asergeya DronnyBoY updden32 Творческое Объединение СВОБОДА

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Nicknames statistics of bloggers

  • Average length of nicknames 7.64 symbols.
  • Average age of users 28 years.
  • Number of words in a nicknames for blog:
  • The distribution of nicknames by gender:

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Hashtag is associated with the Web and content Web and content category and used in 33 nicknames. Related hashtags: #видеоблогер #блогер #блог #blogger #bloger

Certificates of registered nicknames with hashtag #Blog

Certificate for nickname The Calmth, registered to:
Certificate for nickname scxndxl, registered to: Емельяненко Александр Андреевич
Certificate for nickname SnowCalmth, registered to: Вадим Дмитриевич Довганюк (
Certificate for nickname Live-Pretty, registered to:
Certificate for nickname Saos, registered to:

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