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Counter-Strike is a series of video games that was originally developed and released as a modification of the legendary Half-Life. The main series of this team-based, first-person shooter includes 5 games. The game involves two opposing teams – the Terrorists and the Counter Terrorists. Each time, the users must choose a "map" for the confrontation. Counter-Strike is popular among esports athletes.

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Пулю в голову желаете? San Francisko ☬๖ۣLxrD༻ MainreX Bossy iØn LorisTop4iK Nevelmar M4ntorras NRGSAMOSE ENCRISE therealdnz , dnz DelОrian zhivcheg metorpâ ax1os M1ke_Litoris gordeev00 Harru WrongFlute44 flystep fastdler Ag[ E ]nT ツ lexreymoroz1 Kamikodze Killer145 MeJk ALL-E ChannelWing Angry Panda Flashbacker Virsty 様。Ꮆ乇尺爪卂几。様 Sinatic Arifuretochka owneroff KAZAMA|HACK INFA 100 (ROFL) Anqul nerqweZz Lquads GOTTTI Tamochca {RJ}Frost24) ⸸Cat Hennex newxra Vanche1 Estelle Blade Fake Banana XEVLOOR ☆DrDeliツ NeSail Trap Ехотюк ✪DeaDShoT MoreRageXtal SunSert mrbastim vladnesy

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  • Average length of nicknames: 8 symbols.
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Certificate for nickname FAULLZ, registered to: Александр Чурилов
Certificate for nickname Likan, registered to:
Certificate for nickname karlow, registered to:
Certificate for nickname KIZIX, registered to:
Certificate for nickname vzxcki^, registered to:
Certificate for nickname +w ebalo stavlyu, registered to: Одинокой старухе

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