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Nicknames for Facebook


Facebook is the world's largest social media platform, with over 2 billion users. It was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. FB allows you to add friends and organize groups. You can also promote your brand, write messages, upload photos and videos.

Registered nicknames of Facebook users

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How to come up with a Facebook username

Facebook is one of the five most visited sites worldwide, with two billion active users. Do you understand how important it is to choose the right username?

  • Facebook has strict limits on username. We recommend sticking with your real name.
  • The name should not contain numbers, symbols, punctuation, and arbitrary phrases.
  • You can use the pet form of your first name, or your maiden name.
  • If you want to come up with a nickname, it will appear in brackets. Associate the nickname with your profession, hobbies, and character traits.
  • FB is popular for promoting the services and products of businesses. Reflect this in your group name.
  • If you're building a community of interest, link the name to that.
  • Who are they, your future friends? Write the nickname in English letters if they're only English-speaking users, or you can use your own local language or any foreign language if the audience is your compatriots or foreigners.
  • It's best to come up with a nickname about 10 characters long.

Nickname statistics of Facebook users

  • Average length of nicknames: 8.78 symbols.
  • Average age of users: 29 years.
  • Number of words in the nicknames for Facebook:
  • Nickname distribution by gender:

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Hashtag is associated with the Social media and services Social media and services category and is used in 102 nicknames.

Certificates of registered nicknames with hashtag #Facebook

Certificate for nickname Клеопатра, registered to: НАТАЛИ ПИТЕРСКУЮ
Certificate for nickname naiveasf, registered to:
Certificate for nickname Canastina, registered to: Sandra Nyberg
Certificate for nickname Orogenius, registered to: Oroyinyin ibrahim
Certificate for nickname Dj M@Xi, registered to: Пляскина Максима Александровича
Certificate for nickname KCAHDEP, registered to: мну

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