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Nicknames for GTA


Grand Theft Auto (published by Rockstar Games, Scotland) is a famous multiplatform game series. GTA features 11 games. The GTA player controls criminal-avatars who carry out criminal activities, such as bank robbery, murder, etc. The popularity of the games is evidenced by the fact that the characters were voiced by Hollywood stars.

Registered nicknames of GTA players

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KarpX Dolarex Fanilil Taylor_Casey Slavik_Hom Burah Lucifer_Paolini DornToBie JoeyFlixx AlexOdar/LEXasiK Luke_Walker Black_Emfeel -Amigo- SunRose CarryGold SHPNIX $tarz Lifape Phadmore MrMankser Candle96 Naisov 1_1_BRAT_1_1 Apure DVen yes Sk1pe MoreRageXtal Zarlflema Kustle RPG Forlan_Nephrite Gleysigames eco8011 ulkpai LOBS KKGamer Den_Shmals MaxiJext ℘YtG℘ Radison ZOINKS RastaDark ElxKoroto FLASMI roxisys kilka_v_soyse realcyxaruk NoT_BoT Alexandr_Despot Chris Blade Pianiykulak RegarTR RED BEAR Jason_Berner pn×AirDrop Demo L1NNNE Clifford MrHannel Santa_Flecker DeadEXEcute

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Nicknames statistics of GTA players

  • Average length of nicknames 9.22 symbols.
  • Average age of users 24 years.
  • Number of words in a nicknames for GTA:
  • The distribution of nicknames by gender:

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Certificates of registered nicknames with hashtag #GTA

Certificate for nickname tea3y, registered to:
Certificate for nickname A.Yolkin, registered to: A.Yolkin
Certificate for nickname aa1ye, registered to:
Certificate for nickname Rider_Blade, registered to: Юрия Анатольевича
Certificate for nickname Vjuh, registered to: Алексей Вжухов
Certificate for nickname Diodin, registered to:

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