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Nicknames for Lineage2


Lineage 2 is a popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) developed by NCSoft. Set in a medieval fantasy world, players embark on quests, battle monsters, and engage in large-scale player versus player (PvP) combat. The game offers various character classes, skills, and social interactions, creating an immersive and competitive gaming experience. With its rich lore and extensive player base, Lineage 2 remains a significant title in the MMORPG genre since its release in 2003.

Registered nicknames of Lineage2 players

More nicknames for Lineage2

needkeep CursedBone cho0py Rio Amaru Larath Matrix ShinTaroAma Oleffka SsMeTaHka DESRUS RedRock LaniQ DooMp Дрочук Shredder Mr.Rasty LordSaddy Gradian Amerikos04 Kirhen JetDeath FateOfHate ACDessy h1t3ki DuzL wintra Nekira Gludion TheNiNeKiRiL l_STOP_XAM_l OVERSEER Lilliana Tavris steriys Hizashi Lineage ZonderStyle Fate Of Hate vetzell MiD Liguid Heim rockstar Deliorra clarkxkent Rickens APAlone Telfiya forslaey medische Asphel Zeleor Avadon LikeWendy Endemis RyLzEn Romulus Sv9ItOy Lu4iik Hidey

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Nickname statistics of Lineage2 players

  • Average length of nicknames: 7.82 symbols.
  • Average age of users: 32 years.
  • Number of words in the nicknames for Lineage2:
  • Nickname distribution by gender:

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Hashtag is associated with the Games Games category and is used in 79 nicknames. Related hashtags: #la2 #l2

Certificates of registered nicknames with hashtag #Lineage2

Certificate for nickname Zariche, registered to:
Certificate for nickname Ksilometazalin, registered to: Воронкина Алексея Валерьевича
Certificate for nickname MiD, registered to: Попов Максим Анатольевич
Certificate for nickname DESRUS, registered to: @DESRUS
Certificate for nickname JetDeath, registered to: Брилёва Николая Геннадьевича
Certificate for nickname Inferno, registered to: Василий

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