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Counter-Strike is a series of video games that was originally developed and released as a modification of the legendary Half-Life. The main series of this team-based, first-person shooter includes 5 games. The game involves two opposing teams – the Terrorists and the Counter Terrorists. Each time, the users must choose a "map" for the confrontation. Counter-Strike is popular among esports athletes.

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DihO UNLOSERS AKME Ond1sad. LanetPenguen Ya_SoVuH ☬๖ۣLxrD༻ xoma4i splintys LazHayalet Omph!Kind pepi Lerоy Sili lightQ dpi FL1Tz Mister Wolf Nalbor Hraine Deentrox CONF1GG Cyned sandoffer Rub1k owhy Crazis LMN ChestNotViper Gilzer ♕ПАНДА♕ -AKuZy ツ Shed1m bubl1kk s1fex MurMuru RomaScared Fäřęøť limeks dibtap gromodorzskiy Darkwood Wayne.x QWESTYZ.orig OXXXYCODONE Bastinda Holzkopf ŁēĢēηÐā Xaia ♛ĂʟӍάƷ♛ M1ST0R miz N.key Suiryu ineffablebob sodi jen1er sgBY#1 Bab04ka Dwol

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  • Average length of nicknames 7.82 symbols.
  • Average age of users 26 years.
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Certificates of registered nicknames with hashtag #playercsgo

Certificate for nickname NimbIe, registered to: Шестакович Олег Анатольевич
Certificate for nickname KOLXOZHUK, registered to: Неважно
Certificate for nickname ãλń£✓$ќí, registered to:
Certificate for nickname LUNEZ, registered to:
Certificate for nickname Ante1koo, registered to:
Certificate for nickname Xiven, registered to:

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