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Russia is the largest country in the world. It is located in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. The capital is Moscow. People of different nationalities live in the country. The shores of Russia are washed by two oceans, the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. Russia is a nuclear, space and industrial superpower.

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net.talker nONkeYz RokuSawQ Veken Expranse plaky YourFriend skyflywasabi Xour Kinavari zucman23 pathogenus Alurka Interactive Entertaiment (ALU Entertaiment) Evaroshky Knify HELMET Acidic Nick Wilde Elarmy Geemax. Neleys MileFox DUKE RUSSIAN ko1a TribalHermit M.A.X Betuda Kavva Jeger DrunkCat Mr_Nyawka Jace CTUXUya Hollywoodzver Mũi tên confxsed Qorger qwmlr9 gerasimov No skill / Low IQ ugleverss Zixen_z MER -28 RubinBlitzKaiser Ketlitz MaEsTrö# GTK87 Enowinnta Greeneff Spark108 Broady Baltika Kaffi Ракс ruNNy zoomix7777 Лариса Siberian Gallbladder Draker Fanilil EeeNOT

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  • Average length of nicknames 10.39 symbols.
  • Average age of users 24 years.
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Hashtag is associated with the World, countries and cities World, countries and cities category and used in 18 nicknames. Related hashtags: #russia

Certificates of registered nicknames with hashtag #rus

Certificate for nickname Spark108, registered to:
Certificate for nickname zotkinsb, registered to:
Certificate for nickname Kuzma, registered to:
Certificate for nickname RAKPEEKept|Пьяный Рак, registered to: Руслан Киричко
Certificate for nickname ZuNoRuS, registered to:
Certificate for nickname CaffeLatte125RUS, registered to: Байкова Кирилла Константиновича

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