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A wolf is a carnivorous mammal belonging to the Canidae family. Known for their intelligence and social behavior, wolves live in packs and communicate through howling. They have a varied diet, hunting prey such as deer, elk, and smaller mammals. Wolves play a vital role in ecosystems by controlling prey populations. Despite being revered in some cultures, they have also faced challenges due to habitat loss and human-wildlife conflicts.

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Wolf Anima wolf667 Wolfing Wolfich Wolf_Bass wolf1679 Wolfganist Wolf-chan wolf#7 WolFi4ok Wolf_Girl WolfSharingan WOLFXX Wolfal9 Wolf The White Wolff. WolfeCanada wolf1ek wolf_tear Wolferok22 WolfAuto Wolf Devil Wolf Devils Wolfsherz WolfLoner Wolfgang_Klinkenberg Wolffang wolfmother Wolf_она WolfOneOnly WolF_FroM_HelL Wolfrane Wolf love Wolf(Dan) Wolfpair Wolf Girl ^_^ wolflarcen WolfMag Wolfer777 WolfASlord9 WolfSaya Wolframiy woLF_VRN Wolfenstein_1500 WolfenLauf WOLF DIABLO Wolf Griffin Ke Wolfix Wolfortun Wolff507 Wolf1937 WolferRed WOLFMARINE Wolf2012 Wolf_ProRoCK Wolfaslord wolf312 Wolfbraj WolfGo Wolfgrey0 Wolfstone

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Hashtag is associated with the Nature, Flora, and Fauna Nature, Flora, and Fauna category and is used in 40 nicknames. Related hashtags: #волк #волкодиночка #волки #lonewolf #_wolf_

Certificates of registered nicknames with hashtag #Wolf

Certificate for nickname Raven, registered to: Raven / a Female Fox and some Wolf
Certificate for nickname vo.o1k, registered to: Максима Козлова Валерьевича
Certificate for nickname WOLF5ER, registered to: Костя Иванов
Certificate for nickname Вуфа, registered to: Даниила Максимовича С.
Certificate for nickname Vax, registered to: Vax

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