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Grand Theft Auto (published by Rockstar Games, Scotland) is a famous multiplatform game series. GTA features 11 games. The GTA player controls criminal-avatars who carry out criminal activities, such as bank robbery, murder, etc. The popularity of the games is evidenced by the fact that the characters were voiced by Hollywood stars.

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xQcOW _TaTaR_116_Ru_ Hepenk _Kaneuss_ Zage Sam_Shelby Mudgas заМОРыш OldShely Stezzi_Quantes Daniel Royce Freedom Gaming Afkasher 228 Alexyos PipidonDrakona Nare Franchesko_Moretti Devilz Mitya_Whites Handie Seaside traity WALTER Channel Alucard drifty Zoom24x DoxaneR Anthony_Recuer Loonclage_Hokage SLIDBRO Panda Viera RussianDrammaKid Sk1pe Youjue Artemiy_Blood Krimantur HellDemon DatHive Gesoff Infamous Critic Santa_Flecker Clemeda ﮚMeLsoNﮚ StalkerJagger Big Dog JoeyFlixx loomis_18 Telfiya Dementor(h4rd) Dmitriy_Vastin STelepov Exlariton Hizex Len_Halk LURCRY ThaSamurai D3RPole96 ЗлойDead Vitaly_Romanov ves1de

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  • Average length of nicknames: 8.54 symbols.
  • Average age of users: 24 years.
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Hashtag is associated with the Games Games category and is used in 246 nicknames. Related hashtags: #gta

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Certificate for nickname CraZzy^^, registered to:
Certificate for nickname osdf, registered to: Жданов О.С.
Certificate for nickname Kir0x, registered to: играю капты на мадж 7
Certificate for nickname faz9o, registered to:
Certificate for nickname Aspud_Miller, registered to: Игорь Владимирович К.
Certificate for nickname Chris Blade, registered to: Igoryok Macdonald

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