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Grand Theft Auto (published by Rockstar Games, Scotland) is a famous multiplatform game series. GTA features 11 games. The GTA player controls criminal-avatars who carry out criminal activities, such as bank robbery, murder, etc. The popularity of the games is evidenced by the fact that the characters were voiced by Hollywood stars.

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faGis Evgenii_Mause Chris Blade Billy_Winstons t1bon Can1na TY-JN Sennar COAST San-Francisko TXKERX Ristarchik Ilnaz_Hellsing Heist_grinderXD Satanmode DUTCH-284 D3RPole96 by_wonnker dearWhowhy LittleLaager Morlik_Stalker YOU TOOL Porcman Kevin_McWood Igor_Ualerianov Alexander_Deaglov Vadik7 Slavik_Hom Nail_Blade Pro_Risk Holoron VezirBey Braen Rock zipri24 MuhoS qw1n3xfaq Slavakot146 Richard_White Auttar_Youtubichev Kovarny Freedom Gaming Gleb_Wight Musammad 1aikoaoki SHPNIX dissman siplyy Aiqo TTo3eTuB FEiK x God HellDemon tea3y K1laby Andrey Tinkoff Aidon DestionHin sandrogunter Artemiy_Blood Hepenk Twain1337

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Hashtag is associated with the Games Games category and used in 39 nicknames. Related hashtags: #gta

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Certificate for nickname Alucard, registered to: Макса
Certificate for nickname Kir, registered to: Кира Кира Кировича
Certificate for nickname showerymoon, registered to:
Certificate for nickname death_side666, registered to:
Certificate for nickname SHREMOV, registered to:
Certificate for nickname HOTORE, registered to:

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