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Grand Theft Auto (published by Rockstar Games, Scotland) is a famous multiplatform game series. GTA features 11 games. The GTA player controls criminal-avatars who carry out criminal activities, such as bank robbery, murder, etc. The popularity of the games is evidenced by the fact that the characters were voiced by Hollywood stars.

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Pifach Критик Mielsen Blue Hyena Dan_Kirpa Fiazhe yakobun ElxKoroto Andrew_Henderson ValDeGrace yNer _TaTaR_116_Ru_ S__P__A__C__E sehza Skittles Inc GenialPraid G1TLER Luke_Walker Novich FarQ Vladislav_Reiner Rollow Sakuren sEmi4ko Memes_Hodachy Marcus Westley Silentiuw Aiqo Markus Estes ropqoct6 nLYK JackHammerN7 arbuz OlZhi SerBronze AzAJuGGeR Aylinoclaw Daniel_Batonov Shakez Saeko l0nqie Clemeda Evseev Ivan 31vurdum Catit SoulEnchant Matesero_Zloy $tarz Porcman Arceweside_Osu D3ssiu[S] Santa_Flecker VelFan RequiemAngeL yes Flexム MrMario Axisade Blake_Fedorof DUTCH-284

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  • Average length of nicknames 12.94 symbols.
  • Average age of users 17 years.
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Hashtag is associated with the Games Games category and used in 17 nicknames. Related hashtags: #gta

Certificates of registered nicknames with hashtag #gtarp01

Certificate for nickname Daniel_Batonov, registered to: Зинченко Даниила
Certificate for nickname Matteo_Smart, registered to: Нуржана Каленова
Certificate for nickname Florian_Mause, registered to: Егора Петрова
Certificate for nickname Vova_Zakon, registered to: https//
Certificate for nickname Iluxa_Putin, registered to: Dexter_Putin
Certificate for nickname Evgenii_Mause, registered to:

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