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Grand Theft Auto (published by Rockstar Games, Scotland) is a famous multiplatform game series. GTA features 11 games. The GTA player controls criminal-avatars who carry out criminal activities, such as bank robbery, murder, etc. The popularity of the games is evidenced by the fact that the characters were voiced by Hollywood stars.

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Rei_Bochino Smart_Arrow Terrero Гром Aliventer Musammad Var1ck Infamous Critic DornToBie CraZzy^^ Lifape Phadmore Richi_Midnight Red_Phantom Martin_Disciples NedlProc Wuxhe Auttar_Youtubichev ﮚMeLsoNﮚ KleshPvP Jecto 1_1_BRAT_1_1 JustHeroKiller darkis skr1lO Exlariton YOU TOOL BonnieSteam Torty KarpX publicenemy. YaQiwi SifOniX Yuridori futya VOTEKICK Alexander_Deaglov MatroSS Blue Hyena RA1N _StraNN1k_ Black_Emfeel EscaBass Oplami maverickez Snemyx Vadik7 4ert AkaReeves tipoc1337 Olek ImGoose Demo Artem_Chikinov Admin Forum Gta Memes_Hodachy Pianiykulak RokuSawQ Evgenii_Mause OneSteffy JoeyFlixx

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  • Average length of nicknames 13.50 symbols.
  • Average age of users 17 years.
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Certificate for nickname Ranis_Washington, registered to:
Certificate for nickname Steve_Zloy, registered to: Александра Краймова
Certificate for nickname Vladimir_Macintosh, registered to:
Certificate for nickname Alexander_Deaglov, registered to: Александра Краймова

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